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How to convert DTS packages to SSIS and overwrite data

Convert SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to SQL Server 2005 with this advice and also see how to overwrite data.

I have to convert many SQL Server 2000 DTS jobs to SQL Server 2005 jobs. I'm looking at creating packages in Business Intelligence Development Studio. Most of the jobs I need to convert are data loads from flat files. Am I heading in the right direction? Can you tell me where I can choose to replace rather than append data?
I'm going to assume that by DTS jobs you really mean DTS packages! It seems like you are absolutely heading in the right direction with Business Intelligence Development Studio. Simple DTS packages that perform data transfers should convert without much pain. Please check out my SearchSQLServer.com article for insights on converting DTS packages to SSIS packages.

As to your other question, unfortunately, I don't see a way within the OLE DB Destination Editor to designate delete first, then insert. Because of this, I always had a pre-Data Flow Execute SQL Task to truncate the table I'm writing to. Interestingly enough, when you specify a flat file destination there is an 'Overwrite Data in the File' check box available.

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