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Hiding the source code of a stored procedure

I am trying to hide the source code for a stored procedure that will be used by a customer. The customer is an owner of the database where the SP resides. I have tried the 'with_encryption' clause, although as an owner of the database, the customer can easily decrypt the SP with source code that is out there on the Web. I am in need of a solution where my customer can access and use a SP that I write, although not view the source code.

My first question would be why. You cannot hide the database structure from them, therefore, they can figure out...

how to access their data directly if they choose to. If it is encrypted, they have performance problems, and you are not available, their entire environment comes to a screeching halt with you left on the hook as responsible for it because your code did not leave them any options. Your software copyright provides legal protection for your work, and the notice that you should have included with the software should have a clause preventing them from using your work. Additionally, encrypting objects can have your software rejected by many potential customers who do not allow such things to exist in their environments. I know that I do not and never will allow software to be deployed in a production environment that I run if it is encrypted or otherwise hidden, as it becomes nearly impossible to manage. Besides there not being any upside that I can possibly think of, there isn't any way that I'm aware of to accomplish this in SQL Server.

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This was last published in July 2003

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