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Help with tools to create database diagram

I have recently started working with SQL Server 7. When I started there was already a database set up and running, and they have asked me to fine tune it and improve preformance. I would like to know if SQL Server 7 comes with any tools for creating an ER diagram of the database. If you could recomend any online tutorials or books that would help me gain an understanding of the Enterprise Manager, Profilers and Query Analyser, that would be much appreciated.

You can diagram database within Enterprise Manager. As far as books go, anything written by Joe Celko, Ken Henderson, or Itzik Ben-Gan/Tom Moreau will get you going in SQL. From there, you can pick up books by Richard Waymire, Sharon Dooley, Kalen Delaney, or myself (author listed as Stephen Wynkoop).


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