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Getting I/O stats

We are trying to capture I/O for SQL Server databases as a way to charge internal customer groups for database usage. We are interested in bufferpool logical data I/O, data writes, logical index I/O and index writes.

These four items will be added together, and we don't need to identify any of the components individually. We don't have any need to measure physical I/O, but if it is part of an overall measurement we will take it. We want to avoid asynchronous I/O if at all possible. Ideally we would like to also include any reads or writes that bypass the bufferpool completely. I believe loads bypass the bufferpool.

We can't seem to find this information at the database level. I successfully set up these measurements on DB2, but I can't seem to do it in SQL Server. I can't even figure out where to start! Is this even possible?

You can gather I/O stats via Performance Monitor and also via Profiler.


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