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Generating multiple flat files from a single flat file source

Generating multiple flat files from a single flat file source could be done by first creating a DTS package with Custom Active Script task.

I have a single flat file source containing 1 million (changeable) rows. I want to generate multiple flat files, each containing 30,000 rows. The naming convention for the destination file could be anything as of now. The number of files to generate is not known at design time. Only the number of rows in each file is known. How do I divide my single file into multiple files, each containing 30,000 rows?
It's times like this that I miss some of my favorite Unix utilities. Unix supported the split command, which did exactly what you are looking for! You may want to consider creating a DTS package with the Custom Active Script task, in which you use the Scripting Runtime library's FileSystemObject to split a large text file into multiple small files.

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