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Fixing a corrupted database

If you have a corrupt database, and you want to restore it into a blank database to fix the problem, is there a script that you can run that will transfer the whole database into the new one and fix problem in the process?

There are many forms of corruption. If you have physical corruption then if you can no longer get access to the database you may need to restore from backup. You can do this without overwriting the corrupted copy should you desire. If you don't have a backup you may need to log a call with Microsoft PSS to see if they can assist gaining access to (some of) your data.

If you can still gain access you can use DTS to transfer tables however you will also need to script and copy all database objects other than tables. In this case you probably don't want to use the copy database wizard as this simply makes copies of the physical database disk files, which in theory would also make copies of the corruption.

But be warned, corruption is usually indicative of hardware problems.


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