Fine-grained auditing in SQL Server?

My department is implementing an ASP-hosted SQL Server database application to manage data collection for homeless programs. Our user group would like to have an audit trail of who, what and when changes are made to the database. I am aware that Oracle 9i+ includes functionality called FINE-GRAINED AUDITING that would probably meet our needs. Does something like this exist in SQL Server?

Yes, via a variety of mechanisms, but it isn't an option you turn on.

Method #1: Write triggers underneath each table that log all of the auditing information.

Method #2: Create a server side trace that will trace all activity against your database, storing the file where you can pull it for review.

Method #3 (low transaction volumes only): Create a server-side trace and store the results directly to a table in your database.

Method #4: Use a product like Lumigent's Entegra to audit the system.


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