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Extracting data without strings converted to strange characters

I have a strange process that's used primarily for testing purposes. Basically I create some content files using SQL Server 2000 then use some scripts to load the content into Oracle. I then want to extract the content out of Oracle using SQL to run comparisons on. I'm able to use Enterprise Manager to do this, but it converts the foreign characters to strange characters (ex. the e with the slash over it gets converted to a bar or pipe). Is there a way to connect with an outside server to extract the Oracle table back into SQL (need to ensure strings do not get converted)?
All you have to do is make sure you are transferring it as Unicode data. The bar and pipe characters you are seeing are replacements which get inserted, because the character set on the SQL Server does not understand the characters that are being sent to it. By transferring as Unicode and into Unicode datatypes, you eliminate this issue.

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