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Errors running 16- and 32-bit programs

I have some 16-bit ODBC programs running on SQL 6.5. Recently I add a new 32-bit program running on SQL 7. The programs are allocated in different servers. On a client, I installed the 32-bit program followed by the 16-bit programs. I encountered a DLL error when trying to call some crystal reports (ver 7) for the 32-bit program. My question is that if there is any chance that data entered on the 32-bit program was not updating to the SQL 7 server because the client has installed both 32 and 16 Bit ODBC? Is there any chance / under what environment would the 16/32 bit ODBC cud not connect to the servers?

I would strongly recommend upgrading everything to using the 32-bit ODBC drivers. You are going to have significant collisions between the different versions. I know there is a lot of technical information on the MSDN and TechNet websites about dealing with ODBC driver versions. Much of it is going to be rather old, because it has been many years since applications started to switch over from 16-bit to 32-bit. If at all possible I would strongly recommend either rewriting your 16-bit applications or finding alternatives to them. It won't be much longer and you will be looking at 64-bit applications.


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