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Error with pull subscription connection

I am trying a transactional replication along with a pull subscription on the Internet. Both the SQL2000 servers are connected through a dial-up connection. After creating the pull subscription from the remote server, the agent at the subscriber shows the following error:
"The process could not connect to the distributor"
I enabled the distributor to allow subscriptions to subscriber's IP address.

In the pull subscription wizard, if I use the subscriber's IP address to subscribe to a remote publisher, I am not able to start the SQL Server agent. The status of the SQL Server agent is unknown. If I use the local machine name, I am able to start the SQL Server agent. The status shows that it is running. Hence I use the subscriber's machine name at the subscriber, instead of subscriber's IP address. But the publisher is selected from the publishing server's IP address.

Could the above usage of machine names instead of IP address be a problem for pull subscriptions?

Open the Server network utility. Create an IP connection using the IP address of the machine you are trying to connect to. Give it a name that is equivalent to the machine name. Your connectivity problems should go away at that point.


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