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Error setting up replication across network domains

I am trying to set up merge replication between two servers-- one publisher/distributor and another pull subscriber across network domains. I am encountering several errors when after setting up the pull subscription and it tries to initally run. I was not able to sucessfully set up an anonymous or impersonated environment, but was able to connect to the publisher and distributor using a SQL Server Authenticated account. But then I get "can not be propagated to subscriber" error along with "OS error 1909" and then "The referenced account is currently locked and may not be logged into". Can it be that merge replication across domains is not recommended or allowed? I did not have these problems when working on the same domain. Any suggestions?

Don't have any specific suggestions for fixing it. The error you are getting is precisely correct. If you go to the Windows account, you will in fact find that it has been locked out due to repeated login failures. I've encountered this one before within a single domain. The fix was entirely on the Windows side, but I do not remember how it was fixed. It seemed that the replication engine made several attempts to login which failed for some reason causing the security mechanisms in Windows to kick in and lock out the account. You do need to make sure that the account which replication is running under, generally the SQL Agent account, has access to the machines in both domains.


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