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Error backing up SQL Server 2000 database

Are you having trouble backing up your SQL Server 2000 database? Backup and Recovery expert Greg Robidoux explains how to rectify the situation.

I get the following error when I try to back up the SQL Server 2000 database that has about 40 GB in the Windows 2000 operating system:

spid52 BackupMedium::ReportIoError: write failure on backup device 'D:.bck'. Operating system error 33(The process...

cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.). Spid52 Internal I/O request 0x071BCB00: Op: Write, pBuffer: 0x07430000, Size: 983040, Position: 34304170496, UMS: Internal: 0x103, InternalHigh: 0x0, Offset: 0xFCB01A00, OffsetHigh: 0x7, m_buf: 0x07430000, m_len: 983040, m_actualBytes: 0, m_errcode: 33, BackupFile: D:.bck BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE [EISWEBNEW] TO DISK = N'D:.bck' WITH INIT , NOUNLOAD , NAME = N'EISWEBNEW backup', NOSKIP , STATS = 10, NOFORMAT spid52 Starting up database

From the error it looks like the file name was not passed correctly to the BACKUP command 'D:.bck'. Make sure that when the backup is being submitted, all of the correct parameters are being passed.

I would issue a simple backup, such as the following, to test the backup process and to make sure there is not another problem.


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This was last published in August 2005

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