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Equivalent code of sp_configure 'allow updates' in SQL Sever 2005

In SQL Server 2005 sp_configure 'allow updates' has been deprecated from SQL Server. What is the equivalent code of sp_configure 'allow updates' in SQL Sever 2005?
In SQL Server 2000, the 'allow updates' option of sp_configure overrides security on system tables such that users (hopefully, the DBA) can update them. But as mentioned in my recent tip on catalog and compatibility views in SQL Server 2005, Say goodbye to system tables in SQL Server 2005, the system tables are no longer directly accessible to users in SQL Server 2005. This means that there is no security to override; the tables simply can't be touched. As such, there is no equivalent to that option.

DBAs should learn to go through the proper channels to make updates. This means using system stored procedures and statements to make configuration changes, instead of manually hacking the system tables. Using the right tools is important because it allows Microsoft to modify the internal structures of the system objects without breaking your code.

My advice to anyone directly manipulating the system tables is to re-write the code now so that migration to SQL Server 2005 will not break your applications.

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This was last published in July 2005

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