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Does script continue to work after failover?

I have a question about a SQL Server 2000 cluster. I created a two node SQL cluster on Windows 2003, and the pattern is active/standby, single instance. When I ran a SQL script on a remote client, during the processing, the active node crashed and failed over to the second node successfully. Does that script continue to work after failover? If not, what will happen?

You have a single instance cluster. There is no such thing as active/passive in SQL Server 2000. That is old, inaccurate terminology that no longer applies. When a node fails in a cluster, the SQL Server shuts down. It is then restarted. Therefore, you get the same effect in a cluster as you get with a single machine when it fails, so no, the script will not continue to work. All open transactions will be rolled back upon the start up of the service, and you must restart the script.


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