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Differences between DTS and SSIS

DTS/SSIS expert Joe Toscano offers some resources to explain the differences between DTS and SSIS.

Can you explain the differences between Data Transformation Services (DTS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)?
SSIS offers so much more than DTS. Rather than view it as the next version of DTS, I view it instead as version 1 of a new product.

Explaining the differences between SQL Server 2000's DTS and SQL Server 2005's Integration Services requires either a book or an entire dedicated Web site. In fact, I just purchased Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services by Wrox and it looks great. I've also got some great examples and tons of information including many sample packages on sqlis.com. Finally, you can also find webcasts, articles and blogs by the Microsoft SSIS development/management team here.

This was last published in February 2006

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