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Destaging caches in servers

Hello. As you know, there are commands which are 'Begin backup' in ORACLE and 'Suspend' in DB2/MVS to destage caches in servers. Is there any way in MS/SQL, too? What I want to do is that I am going to use 'flashcopy' which copies volumes of IBM disks after destaging caches because I heard that it doesn't guarantee integrity without destaging caches. Would you help me out? Thank you.

Checkpointing a database flushes any committed transactions in the data cache that have not been physically written to disk. I would be EXTREMELY careful doing what you are proposing. It is entirely unsupported. If you have issues, MS tech support will NOT be able to help you. SQL Server 2000 ships with an API call that storage vendors such as Compaq and EMC can call to pause all transactions in the SQL Server just before doing their "snapshots". But, those are the only 2 supported vendors I'm aware of and that is only by using their tools as they recommend using them. If you are doing this, not only do you need to issue a checkpoint, but you also have to lock the applications out as well and ensure no transactions are running in order to get a consistent state in the database between the database and tran log.


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