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Database mirroring in SQL Server 2005

Have you heard rumors that database mirroring was removed from SQL Server 2005? In this expert response, SQL Server 2005 expert Adam Machanic assures you that it has not been removed, but it needs to be turned on and can only be used in development environments.

Was database mirroring removed from SQL Server 2005?
As one of SQL Server 2005's most exciting high availability features, the announcement that Database Mirroring would not be enabled in the RTM version of the product was quite a shock to the user community. Many rumors surfaced, including the assertion that the feature was completely removed from the product.

Database Mirroring was not removed from SQL Server 2005, and as a matter of fact is still in the product as well as the documentation. However, the feature must be explicitly turned on before it can be used, and is supported for development purposes only—use in production environments is only allowed with prior Microsoft approval. The feature was delayed in order to ensure its performance and stability through more extensive testing than was possible during the development cycle. It will be made available for general use during the first half of 2006.

In the meantime, DBAs can enable this feature by using startup trace flag 1400. See SQL Server Books Online for more information.


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