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Database marked 'Suspect'

I am having a problem with a database that has been marked 'Suspect'. I have looked at the log file to determine what happened at the time of the problem. Here are the only two entries at the time of the problem (22.30):
2004-07-20 20:43:42.90  backup  
Database backed up: Database: 
FFFLive, creation date(time): 2004/01/24(20:27:16)
2004-07-20 23:09:03.99  spid3   
SQL Server is terminating due to 'stop' 
request from Service Control Manager.
Could this be a problem with the log?

I believe the log file you are referencing is the SQL Server error log or the Windows application event Log. I believe the messages you provided indicate that SQL Server was shut down via the Windows shutdown process or stopping the SQL Sever services via the SQL Server tool set. Unfortunately, with the information provided I am unable to provide a root cause and resolution to the issue. It is necessary to research the issue further to provide a final answer.

To work towards resolution, it may be necessary to perform one or more of the following:

  • Restore the database from backup
  • Execute DBCC CHECKDB
  • Review the transaction logs prior to the issue with a tool like Log Explorer from Lumigent to obtain insight into the issue

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