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Database design resources

Monitoring and Administration expert Kevin Kline gives you resources for basic database design.

I'm trying to build an archive of documents, (it may be called a digital library), and could use some help in setting up the tables for categories, subs and themes. Where can I go for guidance?
It sounds like you really want some help on the fundamentals of database design. If you haven't been schooled in the principles of database design, I recommend Louis Davidson's book (soon to be in its 2nd edition), Pro SQL Server 2000 Database Design.

The University of Texas at Austin has a good overview of normalization techniques at this site.

InformIT author Buck Woody has a series of articles about database design at this page.

Finally, there are other good Web sites that can help. Fellow MVP, Bill Graziano runs the SQL Team site. For performance-related issues, always look at SQL-Server-Performance.com maintained by fellow MVP Brad McGeehee. Check out this database design article in particular.

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