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Creating a view to retrieve data from more than one database

I am using SQL Server 2000. Is it possible to create a "view" where I can retreive data from more than one database from the same server group. For example, I would like to view from database A all records pertaining to clients x,y and z. Then from database B, retrieve additional information about clients x,y and z that is only available in database B. Note: the "view" that I would like to create is located in database A.

Yes, SQL Server uses a three part naming systems for locating database objects (on a single server, four-part naming for multi-server). From database A you can use the database.owner.table syntax to reference tables in another database. Example:

 CREATE VIEW XYZclients AS SELECT ClientDetails FROM ClientTable cta INNER JOIN B.dbo.ClientTable ctb cta.clientid = ctb.clientid


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