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Creating a view between servers

I have two MS SQL Servers 2000 on two machines. Is there a way I can create a view table in ServerA, which would look at ServerB, using a ServerA user, who does not exists in ServerB.

Ok, lets go step by step. We're going to use Transact SQL language to do this, so go to the Query Analyzer and login to the Local Server (ServerA).


  • First Link the ServerB to ServerA:
     EXEC sp_addlinkedserver 'ServerB', 'SQL Server'
  • Then establish the user that we'll use to connect from ServerA to ServerB. For that task we'll use a valid account in ServerA (with the appropriate permissions) and map it to a valid account in ServerB. That account must have permission to access the source table for the view in ServerA:
     EXEC sp_addlinkedsrvlogin @rmtsrvname = 'ServerB', @useself = 'false', @locallogin = 'YourLocalUserFromA', @rmtuser = 'YourRemoteUserFromB', @rmtpassword = 'PasswordOf_rmtuser'
  • Log in to ServerA with the account that we mapped to ServerB and create the view:
     CREATE VIEW dbo.MyView AS SELECT Field1, Field2, FieldN FROM ServerB.RemoteDB.dbo.RemoteTable GO
  • Start using it, and good luck:
     SELECT * FROM MyView


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