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Creating a script for row selection

Development expert Greg Low offers a script to select a row with the greater date, where item_key and pack_key are equal.

Imagine this table :

prod_key item_key pack_key last_sale LM001 1029 AD100 2004/12/05 LM870 1029 AD100 2005/09/20 PE789 1030 BC400 2003/07/12...

PE312 1030 BC400 2004/08/07

I want to select the row which has the greater date where item_key and pack_key are equal. In other words, I want to get :

LM870 1029 AD100 2005/09/20
PE312 1030 BC400 2004/08/07

Can you help me to write the script?

Does the table have a primary key? That would make the query easier. Otherwise, I think you're after something like this:

SELECT prod_key,item_key,pack_key,last_sale
FROM (SELECT item_key,pack_key,MAX(last_sale) AS last_sale FROM tablex GROUP BY item_key,pack_key) AS MaxDateTable
WHERE tablex.item_key = MaxDateTable.item_key
AND tablex.pack_key = MaxDateTable.pack_key
AND tablex.last_sale = MaxDateTable.last_sale

This was last published in December 2005

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