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Cost comparison of client servers and non-distributed systems

What are the cost advantages/disadvantages between client servers and non-distributed systems?

Advantages and disadvantages depend on the situation. In the event there are many users generating thousands to hundreds of thousands of transactions, taking into account concurrency issues, response times and scalability, one would generally suggest a client/server system. However, if there is a small application used by one user, a non-distributed system may best suit ones needs.

Another constraining factor is staff, hardware, licensing and/or budget. The availability of these resources will have an impact on what kind of system is delivered.

To best answer this question I would need more information:

  1. How many users are expected to utilize the system?
  2. What type of solution is desired? It could be as simple as a phone book application to as complicated as a financial application.
  3. Is there or will there be staff on hand to deliver the solution?
  4. Is there staff available that has the necessary skill set to administer and maintain the system?


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