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Copying SQL Server database tables

SQL Server expert Greg Low explains how to copy tables from one database into another.

I am executing a stored procedure, 'test', in a database called db1. Within this stored procedure, I want to check if db2 database exists. If it does not exist, I want to create the db2 and then copy tables from db1 into db2.

Code: --in db1 context IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE name = 'test' AND type = 'P') DROP PROCEDURE dbo.test GO

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.test AS --to create db if not existing IF NOT EXISTS (select name from [master].dbo.sysdatabases where name = 'db2') CREATE DATABASE db2 /* if tabl1 exists in db1 then it is copied into db2 and dropped frm db1 */ IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE name = 'tabl1' and xtype='U') BEGIN SELECT * INTO [db2].dbo.tabl1 FROM tabl1 DROP TABLE tabl1 print 'dropped table' END

When I try to execute this, I get the following error msg:

Server: Msg 2702, Level 16, State 2, Procedure test, Line 10 Database 'db2' does not exist.

How do I get this working?

You'll need to restructure this so one procedure creates the database if necessary and the next procedure called does the real work.

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