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Configuring backups at the standby database

Scheduling backups at the DR (standby site) can be achieved through log shipping and other methods as explained by Backup and Recovery expert Greg Robidoux.

We have a DR (standby database) site located 1000 km away from our primary database site. We have configured log shipping for the site and we want a complete database backup at the DR site every four days. How can we achieve this?
There are different approaches for handling a standby site. One approach is using log shipping such as you have stated above. There are a couple of ways to handle the movement of such a large amount of data like the full backup.
  • Use a third party backup tool that allows you to do compression of the backup files such as:

  • Write your full backup to multiple files, so each of these can be sent individually. These can also be compressed using WinZip or some other compression software.

  • Use a third party fail over solution that keeps the two boxes in synch. These tools also have compression capabilities to allow you to send data over a WAN. Some of these tools include:

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