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Configuring SQL Server clusters

SQL Server Expert Adam Machanic recommends two books on the topic of high availiabilty to help install SQL Server on two systems with the same database and the same database structure.

I 've been working in a software firm as a DBA for six months. Until now I have done some simple tasks like migrating databases, creating tables, writing stored procedures, etc. Now I have been assigned the tough job of configuring SQL Server clusters, of which I know nothing.

My requirements are as follows: We have two servers. We need to install SQL Server on both systems with the same name and database structure. One has records up to the year 2005 and the other has records from 2005 and beyond. Through the application we have to switch to a different database. Is it possible?

High availability is a huge topic, well beyond the scope of one of my answers. I recommend you pick up a book. I like Paul Bertucci's Microsoft SQL Server High Availability, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 High Availability, by Allan Hirt. It is certainly possible to do what you need. Once you have your cluster set up (it sounds as though you'll want to go active-active), you can simply use a different connection string in the application depending on what data you want.

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