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Configuring SQL Mail

I have a mail server with Exchange Server and a SQL Server, both on Windows 2000 Server. I set up an e-mail profile in SQL Server with Control Panel -> Mail, but I can not configure this profile in SQL Mail. Whenever I click the TEST button, I get an error. Please Let me know the steps for configuring SQL Mail.

Once SQL is installed, the procedure I typically use is (on your server):

  1. Install Microsoft Outlook 2000 (plus current service packs, etc.)
  2. Set up a Windows Domain user to be used by the SQL Server and SQL Agent Services (see BOL for rights). If you already have a user set up for the SQL Server services then use that one!
  3. Set mailbox properties for this Domain user
  4. Log into your server as the Windows domain user you have set up for SQL Server
  5. Set up Mail Profile for Exchange using Outlook 2000
  6. Test e-mail
  7. Change SQL Server and SQL Agent Services to run as the Windows Domain user you have set up for SQL Server
  8. Restart services
  9. Select Mailbox profile in SQL Agent Properties
  10. Select Mailbox profiler in SQL Mail Properties
  11. Test e-mail from SQL Server


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