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Comparing Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle

How can we compare Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle? Which one is better, both from technical point as well as from the non-technical point?

Well that kind of judgment is hard to do. I can't speak bad or good about either of the two products, even if I'm a SQL Server expert. Both products have good stuff; I feel that the decision of which one is better than the other relies on the goals that the enterprise will pursue, as well as the financing capabilities and its current network infrastructure. Because of the absence of that knowledge, my best advice is to point you to the Web pages that each company offers (in their own convenience) about that comparison.

Microsoft's point of view: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/compare/oracle.asp

Oracle's point of view: http://www.oracle.com/ip/deploy/database/oracle9i/index.html?gsassess.html

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Well my friend the decision it's up to you and I wish you good luck!

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