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Combine MDF and NDF into a single MDF

I currently have a Windows 2000 server with a 300GB+ SQL database that has four NDF data files. I will be moving this database to a Windows 2003 server and now have no need for multiple data files (MDF). Is it possible to combine the MDF and NDFs into a single MDF?
Yes, this can be done using the DBCC SRINKFILE command using the EMPTYFILE option. This will remove the data from the data file specified to the other data files. You should first make the MDF data file large enough to store all of the data. Then remove the auto grow options for the three NDF data files. The DBCC command would need to be run for each of the three data files. Since this is a very large database, this process will take some time. When this is complete, you can use the Alter Database command to drop the three NDF data files.

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