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Changing interface to point from MS Access to SQL Server

I have a database on MS access, and the interface is on Borland C++ 5. I have a feeling that the database is going to crash one day because it does funny things sometimes. I would like to transfer it across to MS SQL Server and have the interface point to the new database in SQL Server. I don't have enough knowledge of C++ to tweak the interface. Is there a way to work around.

Yes, but it is something that should be considered temporary. No idea how it will work in the long run. Upsize your tables into SQL Server. Rename all of your tables in Access. Create linked tables in Access that point to the SQL Server tables. Match the names of the linked tables in Access to what you originally had. This will in effect move all of your data and the management into SQL Server. However, your application will still be hitting Access just like it does not. What Access will do is simply pass through the queries to SQL Server. SHould get you switched over and working, but you obviously have another layer in the middle of the communucations that can create problems.

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