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Can MSDE and SQL run on the same box?

Performance and Tuning expert Jeremy Kadlec give his recommendation on whether MSDE and SQL Server can run on the same server.

I have a customer that is currently running two MSDE 2000 databases in separate instances on a Windows 2000 domain controller (it is their only server). They may be installing another application that requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

I know very little about databases and SQL Server and wanted to know if MSDE and SQL can run on the same box. If not, if I install SQL 2000 on this box will it "upgrade" the other two databases and run under SQL Server?

My experience with software vendors has been they do not recommend multiple databases -- one reason is running in a mixed or a non-mixed mode.

My recommendation would be to implement a dedicated SQL Server to support the needs; preferably a server with a low entry point for cost that can scale up with the organization. Good luck!

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