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Can I run BCP.EXE 6.5 under a service?

We are running SQL Server 7.0 SP3 but found it necessary to use the old BCP.EXE from version 6.5 because of date issues. All has been working well until I decided to not use the "AT" command to kick off loads, but rather use a new NT Service (running Win2k sp2). This allows for a better method, more in line with some new directives from the infrastructure department. I've been working for 6 months (off and on). Problem or question: Can I run BCP.EXE 6.5 under a service? Things seem to load, but when the process is over, there is no new data in any of the databases. I'm kicking off batch files that work under the "AT" command service. Any ideas?

Are you getting any error messages? Are you getting a completion command from BCP that allows it to commit the data that was imported?


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