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Built-in facility to encrypt column data

Is there any built-in facility to encrypt a column data in SQL Server?
There is no documented facility for encrypting column data in SQL Server 2000. You can encrypt other elements of SQL Server, however, including:
  • Login and application role passwords stored in SQL Server
  • Any data sent between the client and the server as network packets
  • Stored procedure definitions
  • User-defined function definitions
  • View definitions
  • Trigger definitions
  • Default definitions
  • Rule definitions

If you're willing to get into the world of undocumented functions and such, then you might want to consider pwd_encrypt(...

) and pwd_compare( ). You can use pwd_encrypt to store an encrypted value into a column. You will never know what the value is, nor can you view it. But you can compare values to it, such as in a WHERE clause, using the pwd_compare function. I do NOT recommend this approach!


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This was last published in July 2005

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