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Applying LDF file to MDF without turning it to .BAK first?

HELP! Our MDF file was somehow corrupted on Dec 31st. We worked with Microsoft support over the phone for two days trying to repair it... with no luck. We also found out that the SQL Server backup has not been working since October 5th. It was creating the .BAK files, but they were corrupted too! We still have a LDF file (dated 12/31) and a good MDF file from backup (dated 10/4). Microsoft told us that we can't apply the 12/31 LDF file to the 10/4 MDF file unless we first turn the LDF file into a backup file (BAK file). When we tried that, the backup fails and Microsoft's support now thinks the LDF is potentially corrupted. Can someone tell me if there is a technique or tool that can help us apply the LDF file to MDF without turning it to a .BAK file first? Is there a company out there that we could send our LDF and MDF files to and see if they can repair them? Any help is appreciated. We've potentially have lost almost three months of financial data.

The only place I'm aware of that you might be able to get something is with Lumigent Technologies, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. If Microsoft can't do anything at this point, it is VERY unlikely that anyone else will be able to.

The biggest words of advice, if you haven't restored it, you haven't backed it up. Backups should ALWAYS be tested to make sure they are valid.

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