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Adding columns and determining row size

Development expert Greg Low explains how to insert new columns and assess table row sizes.

1. How do I add a column between two columns in a table in SQL Server?
2. How do I get the row size of the table?
For #1, I wish I could tell you an easy way to do that. Knowing that Enterprise Manager does that, if you fire up a Profiler session and watch what it does, it creates a temporary table with the new column structure, INSERT..SELECT's all the data into it, drops the old table and renames the temporary one to the original name.

For #2, as long as you don't have BLOB columns, you'd want something along the lines of:

SELECT SUM(length)
FROM syscolumns
WHERE id = (SELECT id FROM sysobjects
WHERE xtype = 'U'
AND name = 'TableName')

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