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Adding a count to a recordset

I have a question that seems simple, but I cannot find anything about this online, so here we go.

I have a query that returns a list of IDs from a table (no problem), but I also need to add a count to the recordset so that each record is numbered sequentially. For example, the recordset should look like:

 ID Count ----------------- 28 1 34 2 49 3 55 4 59 5
and so on... this is probably easy, but when I search SQL help or MSDN or anywhere, I of course get info on counting the entire recordset. Basically I just need to add a sequential ID to the list of IDs. Oh, and I would prefer to do this without a tempTable (already thought of that one...).

You are right. It is a simple question however there is not a simple answer. The best option is probably the temp table solution that you have thought of, e.g.

 Create table #MyTempTable(id int, count int identity(1,1)) Insert #MyTempTable(id) Select id From MyTable order by ID


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