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Access vs. SQL Server: performance and migration issues

I have two questions regarding Access VS. SQL Server:
I always had the perception that an important disadvantage of Access database is that it allows only one user to make a query at a time. I was recently told by someone that he maintains big sites with Access databases and may have up to 2000 consecutive users. Is it possible? If so, apart from general performance and security issues, what would be the consideration when choosing a database to put on a not-so-big Web site?

The other question regards migration between Access and SQL Server 2K: is there a quick and easy way to import an Access database directly into SQL Server?

Microsoft has an upsizing wizard to move from Access to SQL Server. Performance, security and stability would be the main factors. I would be extremely concerned about the viability of a Web site serving 2000 concurrent users with Access sitting on the back end running it.


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