T-SQL Learning Guide

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) is no stranger to the SQL Server developer or DBA, but that's no excuse not to become more familiar. Improve your T-SQL skills with these T-SQL overviews, best practices and stored procedures.

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) is Microsoft's enhanced version of the Structured Query Language (SQL) that includes transaction...

control, exception handling, error handling, row processing and more. SQL Server applications must be using T-SQL statements to communicate with the server, but how your T-SQL is written and run can ultimately impact your server performance. This learning guide offers you an introduction to all things T-SQL, from basic definitions to handy stored procedures to best and worst practices.

If you have T-SQL questions not addressed in this learning guide, visit Ask the SQL Server Expert to pose a question to development guru Greg Low. If you have your own handy stored procedures and T-SQL tricks, e-mail us and we'll post them on SearchSQLServer.com for all your peers to see.

T-SQL 101

Handy T-SQL stored procedures

T-SQL best and worst practices

T-SQL in SQL Server 2005

T-SQL debugging

T-SQL querying

More on T-SQL

Learn T-SQL formatting tricks for SQL Server 2012

Read about T-SQL functions in SQL Server 2012

Find the joy of data values with SQL Server 2012

This was first published in July 2006

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