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  • Cloud data management keeps companies grounded

    What separates cloud data management from on-premises tools isn't just a lot of hot air. Some of the much-heralded benefits that the cloud offers are cost savings and increased flexibility. At the same time, database managers that turn to the cloud must be prepared to control their new investment and keep information from floating away and getting lost in the atmosphere.

    The three articles in this handbook can help. Consultant David Loshin starts off with a heed to track where information is being dispersed and offers advice on tools that can help. Reporter Jack Vaughan provides readers with a touchstone in the story of one company that is doing cloud data management. And consultant David A. Teich ends with a piece on the effect of the cloud on BI processes.

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  • Examining the KNIME open source data analytics platform

    KNIME offers open source data analytics, reporting and integration tools, as well as commercial software that can help build more efficient workflows. Continue Reading

  • Insight on data masking tools

    Private and non-public data must not be compromised during testing. Learn about data masking and the vendors that offer data masking tools. Continue Reading

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