GridApp Clarity 3.2

GridApp Clarity 3.2

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Silver Award:

GridApp Clarity 3.2

GridApp Clarity 3.2 from GridApp Systems Inc. is one of those indispensable tools that help users manage a large SQL Server environment. Its depth of functionality has earned it this year's Silver Award in's Products of the Year 2006.

A frequent problem in SQL Server environments is a lack of standardization. With GridApp Clarity, administrators can create as many standard templates as they need so they know corporate standards are enforced every time a new instance is created anywhere in the environment.

The product's database automation software allows organizations to ensure all SQL Server database instances are standardized and managed according to the same set of best practices and company guidelines.

"One of the most essential functions is its ability to inventory your SQL Servers and detect which one of them does not meet your best practices," said one of our judges. GridApp Clarity helps administrators easily bring these servers under best practice standards.

GridApp's Professional Services edition can help users put the product into production and scale databases online. The company also offers customer support to maintain the environment after implementation, including remote DBA services.

GridApp Systems sells GridApp Clarity on a per-database basis. The price starts at approximately $25,000 per site plus $2,500 per agent for each database.

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