SQL Server Security

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  • external hard drive

    An external hard drive is a portable storage device that can be attached to a computer through a USB or Firewire connection, or wirelessly. 

  • data corruption

    Data corruption is the deterioration of computer data as a result of some external agent. 

  • data hiding

    Data hiding is a characteristic of object-oriented programming. 

About SQL Server Security

Protect your database and SQL Server environment with these tips and articles. Have you considered database attack vulnerabilities? SQL Server security issues discussed here include SQL injection, how to lock down SQL Server and how to meet compliance laws. Learn how to improve database security practices with software security tools for testing, code hardening and the Surface Area Configuration feature in SQL Server 2005. Understand the need for data encryption in SQL Server security and get methods to implement it. Also discussed in the topics section are SQL Server password and permissions issues. Ultimately, you'll prevent attacks from malicious hackers.