Microsoft SQL Server Administration

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  • SQL Server database replication tutorial

    SQL Server replication involves some decision making on the part of the DBA. What's the best method for your SQL Server environment -- snapshot, merge or transactional replication? Are there any areas where you can expect to be tripped up? SQL Server MVP Denny Cherry answers these questions as he walks you through the basics and shares some replication tricks.

  • Licensing a standby server for SQL Server replication

    Is a license needed for a standby server if it's used for SQL Server replication? Get that answer and a comparison of SQL Server log shipping to replication.

  • Upgrade live applications to SQL Server 2005 for high availability

    Part four in this series takes you through the stages of maintaining live applications. Find out how to push live data from one cluster to another using a conversion database and replication techniques.

  • Tool to synchronize two SQL Server databases

    Discover a tool that synchronizes two SQL Server databases allowing changes to one SQL Server database to update on the other.

  • Replication techniques in SQL Server

    The following list will educate you on the replication process in SQL Server and also guide you on how to enhance your techniques when replicating your database(s). If you have database servers that must be involved in various types of replication, a simple task can quickly become complex. Before you make the decision to replicate, take a look at the resources we've gathered to guide you on your journey.

  • Podcast: SQL Server high availability options

    SQL Server high availability options include database mirroring, replication and log shipping. In this podcast series, you'll get the basics and best practices for each.

  • Podcast: SQL Server replication basics

    In this podcast, you'll grasp the functionality of replication and what it can do for your SQL Server environment. SQL Server database administrator Eric Johnson starts by explaining the three replication types: snapshot, transactional and merge. He then takes you through setting up replication for high availability and outlines how to failover a replication solution.

  • Database Snapshots: Creating read-only copies of a database

    Database Snapshots feature in SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition creates read-only files. For these separate databases, our site expert Adam Machanic explains the functioning of locks.

  • Merge replication pros and cons in SQL Server 2000

    Merge replication should typically be avoided when achieving high availability in SQL Server 2000, according to contributor Michelle Gutzait. She explains the pros and cons of using application load balancing with merge replication and offers a simpler high availability solution plus recovery scenarios.

  • replication

    Replication (pronounced rehp-lih-KA-shun) is the process of making a replica (a copy) of something.

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