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SQL Power Tools Inc.'s ZUI monitors SQL Server database activity at all times while targeting poor-performing SQL statements to ensure a healthy database.

New Product for SQL Server Performance Tuning and MonitoringZUI is a browser-based database monitoring product that provides the ability to monitor the health of more than 250 database servers in real time from a customizable Web interface with no overhead to the database server environment.

Eighty percent of all database server performance issues are due to poor-performing SQL. SQL Power Tools Inc.'s ZUI addresses this issue by monitoring and capturing 100% of SQL activity 24/7 and pinpointing poor-performing SQL statements. ZUI does not use ineffective SQL sampling techniques that miss a significant portion of SQL activity, or database server traces that can cause a 25% overhead.

ZUI functionality includes:


  • Stealth monitoring of database server CPU, I/O, memory, database blocking, buffer cache and log space.


  • Web-enabled easy-to-view trend graphs and prior-period comparison capabilities.


  • 3-D views of a database server's health.


  • Graphed reports of server and SQL statement performance by daily, monthly or weekly moving averages.


  • Custom graphing, reporting and alerting.


  • Themed skins.

ZUI can pinpoint the long-running SQL statements in nested stored procedures or triggers as well. It can also identify the SQL statements that run most frequently on a database server (with complete SQL text and end-user performance) and that use the most resources. ZUI charts the top 50 worst-performing SQL statements over time, tracks the performance of every unique SQL statement and reports performance divergences from historical averages.

System requirements: The ZUI GUI is viewable in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera Web browsers. ZUI supports Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase running on AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and Windows.

Pricing: ZUI is licensed per database server instance. Pricing begins at $1,200.

This was last published in January 2008

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