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Don Jones, Contributor Published: 13 Oct 2012

Scaling out a SQL Server environment across multiple systems can be a difficult and complicated project, involving partitioned databases, federation and more. So, when it comes to SQL Server scalability, most organizations prefer to scale individual systems up as much as possible before trying to tackle the out option. Here are four tips for making the scale-up process easier and more effective. Maximize SQL Server performance components. Every server’s performance comes down to four basic components: memory, disk storage, network adapters and CPU. Your first step will be to maximize all four of these components in an existing server. Start with memory – it can have the biggest impact and it’s usually the most easily expanded piece of a server. There is just one limitation: On servers running a 32-bit version of Windows, there’s no reason to have more than 4 GB of total RAM installed, because the operating system can’t make use of more than that. On 64-bit machines running 64-bit versions of Windows and SQL Server, install as much RAM as the server can hold ... Access >>>

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