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Brendan Cournoyer, Site Editor Published: 13 Oct 2012

One of the most common questions heard from database professionals regarding their careers is, "How do I move up?" While titles and certifications are all well and good, success is measured by more than just a piece of paper in the current economy. During a time when most organizations are tightening their belts, promotions can be tough to come by. One of the issues IT professionals often run into is the lack of a clear-cut career path. Oftentimes, once a DBA has done a particular job for a while, he or she tends to hit a wall in terms of career growth. "Unfortunately the IT world is kind of bottlenecked in a way," said Kevin Kline, a technical strategy manager for SQL Server solutions with Quest Software Inc. "After a certain amount of time, typically to get more salary growth, you have to make the jump into management. Otherwise you kind of top out as a technologist eventually. " Kline is scheduled to speak on the fundamentals of IT management at PASS 2009. He said that the major roadblock facing IT and database professionals is that in most cases, the ... Access >>>

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