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Exploring third-party SQL Server tools

Boost management capabilities, high availability, security and performance by making the most of native tools and third-party SQL Server tools with the expert advice provided in this essential guide.

With each new release of SQL Server come new and improved tools, and in many cases the native tool options are impressive. However, certain functions may require third-party tools for enhanced performance.

Which tools are best for your organization? Have you maximized use of the tools offered within Microsoft SQL Server? Which third-party tools will best complement the tools you are already using?

This Essential Guide offers expert advice on both native and third-party tools for SQL Server so you can make the best tool-buying decisions for your company.

Management tools

1. Enhance SQL Server management with essential tools

In this section, learn about the native management and third-party SQL Server tools that can augment performance. Experts and consultants weigh in on the most notable tools and what they can do for your organization.

Tools for security and more

2. Improve security, high availability, BI with third-party tools

Explore third-party tools that can improve SQL Server performance across a range of functions, including security, high availability, efficient database searching and business intelligence -- for organizations of all sizes.

Native tools

3. Discover the capabilities of SQL Server native tools

To perform many functions with SQL Server, look no further than the native tool set. The articles in this section explore and describe the various capabilities offered within Microsoft SQL Server.


4. Quiz: Native and third-party SQL Server tools

Test your knowledge of SQL Server third-party tools and native tooling options by taking this brief quiz.

Quiz: How well do you know SQL Server third-party tools and native tools?