• December 23, 2008 23 Dec'08

    Utilize SSAS for data predictions and classification using Excel

    Using Excel as a tool for data mining and predictions is very powerful. Learn how to take advantage of SSAS in SQL Server 2005 with Microsoft Office Excel 2007.  Continue Reading

  • December 18, 2008 18 Dec'08

    The sqlcmd utility in SQL Server

    The sqlcmd utility in SQL Server is a handy tool for running ad hoc queries or creating script files to perform routine tasks or automate procedures. Robert Sheldon provides a guide to getting started using sqlcmd in interactive mode, and shows you ...  Continue Reading

  • December 16, 2008 16 Dec'08

    Top 10 SQL Server Tips of 2008

    Here are the top 10 SQL Server tips of 2008. From stored procedures that determine table and log file size to the basics of DATETIME and SMALLDATETIME in SQL Server 2005 and date/time value data conversions, these are the most viewed ...  Continue Reading

  • December 01, 2008 01 Dec'08

    data mining

    Data mining is the analysis of data for relationships that have not previously been discovered. For example, the sales records for a particular brand of tennis racket might, if sufficiently analyzed and related to other market data, reveal a ...  Continue Reading

  • December 01, 2008 01 Dec'08

    SQL Server Service Broker Tutorial and Reference Guide

    Discover the basics of the SQL Server Service Broker, including a general overview on how this addition to SQL Server works.  Continue Reading